Jump start your photography 10 tips I would do:

    1. Try to learn a new lighting technique 
    2. Look at popular photoblogs to get inspired 
    3. Take on a photo a day project
    4. Listen to my favorite music to get inspired
    5. Shoot for a holiday theme 
    6. Take a self portrait
    7. Shoot a family event
    8. Tell a story in five pictures
    9. Shoot an ordinary item seven times but in unique ways 
    10. Shoot my favorite food


Andy Warhol - The Kiss (Bela Lugosi), 1963, screenprint on paper

Board Museum Collection: Image Critique Assignment:

1: I like how this image has suspense to it 

2. The black and white in the photo make it seem like an old horror movies which I also liked 

3. This image is strong so its an eye catcher 

4. It also has good emotion to it because of how you can see the peoples faces

5. This image can give you different thoughts so it entertains you while looking at it




Senior Portraits



Photography Job Hunting: The job that caught my eyes on the app Indeed was JCPenney Portraits, I’m looking for a fun job that will help me grow within this field. I look forward to trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone.

Retail sales associate photographer: In this job I will be responsible for captured images that are fun, spontaneous, and creative to exceed the customers’ expectations, perform, talk with customers and call existing customers to schedule and confirm photography sessions, as well as provide a delightful customer experience





Work in style of Sandy Skoglund

Why is photography important…?

Photography is important because it can capture all types of priceless moments that can be very meaningful. Photography helps individual’s see the world with different perspectives. A little image can have a lot of meaning and different point of views based on it. In the article “Why photography is important” it mentions ” thanks to photography, you can admire the most diverse scenarios and situations captured in a frozen moment.” Therefor I believe that, that is the best thing photography can do for you. In other words photography can be so powerful. In the article It states “It enables you to bring meaningful experiences to others in that form of static images.” I personally agree with this statement I think people should give photographers more credit for what they do which is capturing price less moments and can even spread awareness for those who are in need of  it. Photography is also known for spreading awareness’s and situations from all around the world. Lastly I’d like to thank photography for showing us the beautiful wonders of the world, As well with trying to spread awareness about the disastrous moments that takes place on earth. This is a captured moment that I truly love and always look back too for good memories.


Photo from 100 most influential list

This photo really caught my attention. I found it very heart breaking but not surprising, this image is really deep but it shows the truth about what takes place in the world. The photographer who took this image mentions that this was the only thing she was able to do for the young boy which is  an eye opener for the world. Tragic moments take place everywhere but the best thing you can do is spread the awareness too individuals around the world. This young boy was leaving Syria when he accidently drowned with his sibling and mother. The photographer states ” I thought, this is the only way I can express the scream of his silent body.” The statement the photographer states, is also very tragic this makes me think back to all the poor children who did not have a voice for them to speak. Their are plenty of outrage’s actions taking place in this earth perhaps hearing this story will make all countries think twice before starting a war. The young boys name was Alan Kurdi’s he was only three years old and his older brother was five years old. It mentions that “hours” later an agency came to the “rescue.” These people clearly needed help and no one was taking any situation serious, which is why the world must know that other countries need help and it is urgent!

Travel Poster 2021

Social Issue Poster

                 Vintage Image 

  Toy Photography